April 13, 2022

This record began with Krist Novoselić and Jillian Raye during the summer of 2020. Like countless others, Krist found himself at home a lot. With time on his hands, he really got into finger-style acoustic guitar in the style of his hero John Fahey. (Krist makes a go at American Primitive in his collaboration with Dr. Robert Michael Pyle on 2019's Butterfly Launches from Spar Pole.)

Krist played some of his finger-style material for Jillian, who composed vocal melodies for them and new songs started to happen. Here is an example of the flow: Krist had been playing with Fahey’s tuning of CGCGCE. Jillian added vocal phrasing and lyrics; “Rhythm of the Ride”, the album’s opening track, was manifested!

Here is a turn in the story: In the course of household chores, Krist made a momentous discovery. Going through old VHS tapes and CDs he discovered some jams recorded with Kim Thayil, Bubba Dupree and Alfredo Hernandez in fall of 2001. This music was forgotten for 20 years and could have easily been lost forever in the clutter headed out the door. Krist was smitten and shared the instrumentals with Bubba and Kim.

In early 2021, the two guitarists wanted to musically reconnect with Krist and a jam was scheduled in Seattle. It just so happened that Matt Cameron was available. Jillian came out for the jams too. Out of these sessions, based on the rediscovered riffs, “I Choose Me” and “Diamond in the Cold” emerged. Everyone loved playing together, excited with the direction of the material. Like hearing from a good friend, the 🔥 of Grunge lit the scene.

Other songs emerged from various jams. All the while, Krist and Jillian recorded music down on the farm with Jennifer Johnson helping on vocals - taking the lead vox on "Winter Solstice". Martin Link drummed on a couple of songs; “Live Without You” and “Right Stuff”. With the latter, Krist plays accordion! Giants in the Trees drummer Erik Friend recorded some synthesizer.

Matt stopped by the farm for a couple of sessions; capturing the basic drum tracks for “Last Day of August” and “The Yellow Dress”. With the latter song, Bubba offers an epic guitar solo.

Matt and Jillian also collaborated to write “Lies Fade Away”. With the recording, Krist plays fuzz bass, Bubba takes on rhythm guitar, while Kim performs a great guitar solo.

At one time, there was an idea for three separate albums by individuals to include various contributions from the musicians above. Anything seemed possible and attitudes were positive. In late 2021, feeling like too much time had passed, or just plain impatient, Krist and Jillian proposed 3rd Secret — combining material recorded in Seattle and on the farm. And this is how we got to this record with Jillian and Krist on the cover.

Today we're all making a splash as a “supergroup”. 3rd Secret is perhaps a prequel to another release from this super group of musicians. There will not be a 4th Secret, rather, a new name for another round of material from these players and singers. It is about music first and foremost.

The plan is to get together at the end of summer and finish another record. There are about half of an album of songs already existing which need to be recorded properly. The level of inspiration has been so high, we are looking forward to working together again. There are no plans for any live performances at this time. Thanks for all of the interest in the work. We are happy 3rd Secret is out!

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