3rd Secret are: Bubba Dupree, Jillian Raye, Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, Jennifer Johnson and Krist Novoselić.

2nd 3rd Secret Album Cover.
The 2nd 3rd Secret is coming soon!.

Listen to our new song "Ditch" on these fine radio stations

Bridge radio logo.

9.49 FM "The Bridge" in Seaside Oregon.

PC/Mac: Just smash the “Listen Live” button at the top of the page.
MOBILE DEVICES: Download the features loaded app for Android or Apple devices. Search ’94-9 The Bridge’ wherever you get apps. This will also pop The Bridge up on your Apple CarPlay or Android Auto system.
SMART SPEAKERS: Got one of these suspicious devices in your home? Cool! Tell it to play “94-9 The Bridge”
SMART TV’S: Get nutty and turn your TV into a radio! You can load the Tune In app to your smart TV and stream 94-9 The Bridge!

Blitz radio logo.

101.5 "The Blitz" in Longview, Washington.

Hit the link above and tune in on "The Blitz" website stream. Tell your Smart Speakers to, "Play 101.5 the Blitz"


3rd Secret Album Cover

The 1st 3rd Secret

Album information, perspectives and band photos.

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Krist, Kim and Jennifer posing for image.
Played songs for two new videos.


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Cover Art: Tim Gabor

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